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Customized Pet Food Counting Machine

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In recent years, with economic growth, pets have entered more and more families, and the pet industry has developed rapidly. There are also various kinds of cat food and dog food on the market, and the production of pet food requires a counting machine.

Custom Dog Food Counting Machine

Some time ago, our company customized a dog food counting machine for customers

Because the diameter of pet food is relatively large, in order to allow dog food to fall into the container smoothly, some steel strips that we call "combs" are specially added. With these combs, dog food can be corrugated obediently in the pet food counting machine. Line up on the board, then vibrate and drop into the container.

The hopper of the dog food counting machine is also specially customized. It is specially customized according to the diameter of the pet food, and the feeding is smooth and will not be blocked. Accurate counting. And the principle of photoelectric induction is used to count, separate and transport the sensed granular dog food, and all operating data can be monitored and set in real time.

The automatic dog food counting machine can not only be used alone, but also can be connected with the bottle unscrambler. The bottle unscrambler automatically arranges the packaging bottles of dog food, and sends the bottles to the discharge port of the dog food counter through the conveyor belt, and the dog food counter automatically counts the dog food accurately into the bottle.

Features OF Pet Food Counting Machine



Adopting electronic counting technology of high dust resistance,still running normally in high dust environment,accuracy rate > 99.5%.


Can be used to separate and count the large,irregular and viscous materials effectively.


The top and bottom closed design obtains the national new patent,does not damage the material when working.


Contact with the material all use 316 stainless steel material.


Count accurate,do not appear omission phenomenon.


Pet Food Packaging Requirements

Pet food packaging should be able to protect the product and must be durable enough to bear the weight of pet food. Pet food packaging should provide pet food packaging of various sizes to meet various needs.

The Importance of Moisture-Proof Packaging of Dog Food

High-quality dog food packaging attaches great importance to the ability of packaging materials and uses specially designed moisture-proof bags. Although the use of plastic bags or kraft paper bags is very cost-effective, it can easily lead to deterioration of dog food. Harm the dog's health.

Dog Food Packaging Requirements

The number of pet dogs is increasing, and the prospects of the dog food market are also very good. There are naturally more and more types of dog food packaging. For different dog breeds, ages, tastes, etc., the diversity of packaging types is necessary. In terms of packaging design choices, dog food manufacturers must pay attention to reflecting the scope of use of dog food, clear textual descriptions, and provide consumers with clear choices.


For pet food brands, there can be a good line between solving environmental problems and providing convenient solutions for consumers, and this can be clearly seen in the packaging. Disposable bags are very popular, especially for single pet households, but it is not easy to recycle them because they are usually made of mixed materials

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