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SED-10S Wide-channel Automatic Tablet Counter Machine for Sale

20~50 bottles/min

Device model:SED-10S

Introduction:SED-10S automatic tablet counter machine adopts 10 sets imported counting sensor for counting with 10 widen guiding way and one head. It is able to count small and large tablets or other products.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of Wide-channel Automatic Tablet Counter Machine

    SED-10S wide-channel automatic tablet counter machine adopts internationally advanced vibrating multi-channel feeding, computer control, dynamic scanning counting, automatic bottle feeding, photoelectric sensor control and other advanced technologies. 

    Equipped with system self-checking, error prompting, fault alarm and automatic shutdown, and other safety protection intelligent devices, which shows this pill counting device is a high-tech counting and filling equipment integrating light and motor. 

    This capsule counting filling machine can be widely used for fast counting and bottling of various shapes of medicines, foods, health products and other materials. 

    If you are looking for pharmaceutical tablet counter with wide channels, please leave a message or contact us directly by support@sedcounter.com.

    Features of Wide-channel Automatic Tablet Counter Machine

    • Touch screen operation

    • GMP standard

    • Vibratory cutting, does no harm to drugs

    • With "no bottle no counting" self-fault detection alarm

    • Compact structure, no regular replacement parts, with small footprint

    • Easy to exchange the parts without any tools

    • Able to store 10~20 groups of parameters

    • Fully automatic operation, with the upper and lower union road, intelligent control of process

    • Reasonable price, especially for small-scale production


    Application of Wide-channel Automatic Tablet Counter Machine

    Except the common usage in counting hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, the customized universal counting machine with ultra wide channels are especially suitable for the materials with large diameter, such as big pills, chewing gums, candys, even the hot pot food like beef balls, quail eggs, fish ball will be a piece of cake.




  • Model



    1. filled capsule (000-5#)

    2. soft Gelatin capsule

    3. chewing gum

    4. tablet

    5. other solid object under machine range

    Hopper Volume (L)



    20-50 bottles/min

    (30-100 pcs/bottle)

    Filling Quantity (pcs/bottle)

    2-9999 (adjustable)

    Bottle Size (mm)

    diameter: 30-100

    height: 40-180

    Counting Size (mm)

    1. pills diameter: ≤37

    2. 000-5 capsules soft capsules

    3. tablets diameter: 3.5-37

    (plain tablets, special-shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets)

    Compressed Air

    0.6MPa  3.5L/min


    220V/50Hz   1kW

    Machine Weight (kg)


    Machine Size (L*W*H mm)


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