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SED-40PTG Automatic Effervescent Tablet Tube Filler

Device model:SED-40PTG

Introduction:SED-40PTG Effervescent tablet tube filler is ideal for packaging larger and thinner tablets that are fed into spool bottles in a single row sequence in an overlapping manner, which utterly adopts a PLC for centralized control.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of SED-40PTG Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine

    SED-40PTG Effervescent tablet tube filling machine is ideal for packaging larger and thinner tablets that are fed into spool bottles in a single row sequence in an overlapping manner, which utterly adopts a PLC for centralized control. 

    The machine plate and frame are adopts of steel and enamel paint, the platform cover is 304, the other uses aluminum alloy sandblasting, 304 stainless steel, and all the material touch with tablet will adopt sus316l, which is fully in line with requirements of GMP. The effervescent tablet tube filler can automatically give alarms and shut down in case of no tablets, bottles or covers. 

    Features of SED-40PTG Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine

    • Cap Vibrating System: Loading cap to hopper by manual, automatically arranging cap to rack for plugging by vibrating system.

    • Tablet feeding system: Put Tablet into hopper by manual, vibrating and sending tablet to channels automatically for packing preparation.

    • Tube feeding unit: put tube into hopper by manual, shaking system will send tube to rack automatically. Tube direction should be checked by manual before put into hopper.

    • Cap Pushing unit: When tube get tablet, cap pushing system will push cap and close tube automatically, no tablet no capping, no tube no capping.

    • Electronic Control Section: This machine is controlled by PLC, cylinder and stepper motor. with automatic multi-function alarm system.


    Application of SED-40PTG Effervescent Tablet Filling Machine

    SED-40PTG effervescent tablets tube filler and sealer machine for bobbin bottles is applicable to the packing of bigger and thinner tablets which are orderly fed into bobbin bottles/tube in a single row in an overlapping way.



    • Can this machine be used for tablets of different diameters?

      Changes in tablet diameter require molds (tablets mold & tube mold) replacement. 

    • How does the machine work when lack of tubes or caps?

      When there are no tablets, lack of bottles and caps, etc., the tablet tube filling machine will alarm and automatically stop.

    • How can I get more information?

      Kindly leave us an online message, or contact us via WhatsApp (+86-19157780382) and email (support@sedpharma.com).


  • ModelSED-40PTG

    Voltage (V)


    Total Power (kW)


    Capacity (bottles/min)


    Supporting Facilities

    compressed air pressure: 0.5~0.6MPa

    consumption: 0.28m³/min

    External Dimensions (L*W*H mm)


    Weight (kg)

    about 480


    tablet diameter: Ф12-23mm

    table thickness: 4-8mm

    loading quantity: 8-30 tablets

    (note: one machine only can be used for same diameter tablets and tube)

    tube height: 84-144mm (adjustable)

    *Application of Standard Machine

    tablet diameter 25mm

    thickness 5mm

    quantity per tube: 20 pcs

    tube diameter:29mm

    tube height: 144mm

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