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SED-CG Series Automatic Linear Screw Capping Machine

20~120 bottles/min

Device model:SED-CG Series

Introduction:SED-CG Series automatic screw capping machine is one kind of capping equipment for the capsule couting bottling line. The capper can be linked by the conveyor belt with bottling line or filling production line, or it can be used separately.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of Automatic Linear Screw Capping Machine

    SED-CG Series electric capping machine is a fully automatic packaging machine, strictly in accordance with national GMP standards and process requirements.

    The main transmission part of the linear capping machine is placed in the box body, which avoids the pollution of the materials caused by the wear of the transmission mechanism, etc., and the parts that are in contact with the materials are polished with high precision. 

    Features of Automatic Linear Screw Capping Machine

    • Wide application range

    • Light weight and easy to operate: the machine is made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel

    • Easy to clean and maintain, without dead corner

    • Adjustable and stable: the bottle screw capping machine can be adjusted according to the height and size of the respective bottle caps within the applicable range

    • Control System: the motor control system for bottle clamping, screw capping and conveying is controlled by imported frequency converters. Users can freely set the production volume within the design range of the machine, which provides more convenience for production arrangements and process formulation

    • Safety protection devices: such as shutdown without cover and startup with cover


    Application of Automatic Linear Screw Capping Machine

    SED-CG linear capping machine is mainly applicable for industries such as pharmaceutical, daily chemical, beverage and so on. 

    The machine can be used independently, and can also form a linked production line with other supporting equipment such as bottle unscrambler, capsule counting machine, paper inserting machine, sealing and labeling machine.


  • ModelSED-CGSED-4CG


    plastic caps such as normal cap, cap with protective ring, CRC cap, Flip cap, etc.

    Suitable Bottle Size (mm)

    bottle diameter 20-80

    bottle height 40-120

    bottle diameter 20-120

    bottle height 40-120

    Suitable Cap Size (mm)

    Cap diameter 20-76

    Cap height ≤20

    Cap diameter 20-100

    Cap height ≤20





    Power Supply

    AC220V 50Hz  1.8kW

    Air Consumption

    0.6MPa  3L/min


    (L*W*H mm)


    Weight (kg)


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