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Plastic Bottle Sorting Machine High Speed SED-150LP

10~120 bottles/min

Device model:SED-150LP

Introduction:SED-150LP automatic plastic bottle sorting machine has the functions of containers unscrambling, rightening, and rejecting. It applies to sorting plastic bottles ranging from 15-150ml in the round, square, or special shapes.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of Plastic Bottle Sorting Machine

    SED-150LP high speed PET bottle sorting machine has the main function of bottle rightening besides unscrambling. The rightening device of the second working area of the bottle unscrambler will turn the horizontal long bottle into vertical position, so as to ensure that the material can be accurately filled into the bottle when they are sent to the next bottling equipment. The whole unscramble bottle machine is equipped with a dust cover to avoid pollution during the production process.

    Features of Plastic Bottle Sorting Machine

    • Large capacity bottle sorting turntable

    • Multi-stage conveyor belt

    • Smart touch screen, PLC control system

    • Return bottle detection system

    • 304 stainless steel, meets GMP requirements

    Application of Plastic Bottle Sorting Machine

    SED-150LP high speed bottle orienter is widely used for directional outputing of plastic bottles of different shapes and specifications.  It can also be used in the plastic bottling line in chemical, light industry, food and beverage, and related industries.

    This machine equipped with bottle orientation system can be assembled with capsule counting machine, capping machine and other machines into a pill counting line or liquid filling line.

    unscrambler machine pet bottle

  • ModelSED-150LP


    all kinds of round bottles, square bottles, special-shaped bottles

    Suitable Bottle Size

    Bottle diameter 20-90mm

    Bottle height 20-180mm

    Note: Need to change mould for different bottle size

    Capacity (bottles/min)


    Power Supply

    AC220V 50Hz  0.6kW

    Air Consumption

    0.6MPa  3.5L/min

    Dimension (L*W*H mm)


    Weight (kg)


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