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Cheap Pill Counter Machine SED-2BS-A

800~2000 capsules/min

Device model:SED-2BS-A

Introduction:SED-2BS-A cheap pill counter machine is one type of table top packaging machine for counting capsules, tablets, and other granular products. It is best applied to drugstores, pharmacies, hospitals, labs, and small-scale medication companies.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of Cheap Pill Counter Machine

    SED-2BS-A tabletop pill counter is applicable for counting and packaging types of pills, capsules, tablets, even candies and other foodstuff. It is equipped with two filling heads and a optical fiber sensing probe, which owns the function of "no bottle no filling". It has a digital touch screen to set working speed, counting parameters easily. The machine designed according to GMP standard is a high-tech medication packaging machine integrating a photoelectric motor. 

    Features of Cheap Pill Counter Machine

    • Touch screen & PLC intelligent control

    • Comply with GMP international standards

    • The whole body of this tabletop capsule counter adopts stainless steel

    • Equipped with optical fiber sensor to ensure counting accuracy

    • Self-test system

    • Wide counting application

    electric pill counter

    Application of Cheap Pill Counter Machine

    SED-2BS-A pill counter machine can be widely used in the fast counting bottling for a variety of different shapes and sizes of tablets, capsules, pills, transparent soft capsules and other drugs. It is especially suitable for research institutes, hospitals, new small pharmaceutical plants and health care plants.

    application of electronic pill counter


    • How to set the parameters of SED-2BS table top pill counter Machine?

      This electric pill counter is equipped with a touch screen, which can set the counting number, speed and so on.

    • Will the machine automatically stop when it fails?

      Yes, the machine adopts alarm system which ensures the operating safety.

    • How does the machine adapt to containers of different heights?

      The height of the outlet head can be adjusted based on your container.

    • How can I get more information?

      Kindly leave us an online message, or contact us via WhatsApp (+86-19157780382) and email (support@sedpharma.com)

  • ModelSED-2BS-A

    Production Speed


    800 - 2000

    Application Scope

    hard capsules, soft capsules, tablets, pills, etc.

    Control Method

    touch screen control

    Counting Method

    fiber optic infrared detection

    Applicable Size

    capsule model: 00#-5#  

    tablet diameter: 5-25mm

    Bottle Size (mm)

    diameter 25-75, height≤180

    Counting Errors (%)


    Supply Voltage

    220V/50-60Hz /100w

    Net Weight (kg)


    External Dimensions

    (L*W*H mm)


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