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SED-ZJT Automatic Corner Wrap Labeler

Device model:SED-ZJT

Introduction:SED-ZJT corner labeling machine adopts mature technology PLC control system to ensure stable and high-speed operation. The whole machine is made of stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy material, which has high corrosion resistance and no rust.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of Automatic Corner Wrap Labeler SED-ZJT

    SED-ZJT wrap around labeling machine is used to label the corners of the upper plane and the side plane of the box to prevent disassembly. The application fields of this labeling machine include printing, food, daily chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and other industries.

    Features of Automatic Corner Wrap Labeler SED-ZJT

    • Using photoelectric detection

    • mature PLC control system, stable and high-speed operation

    • Humanized touch screen design

    • Imported electrical components, stable performance and low failure rate

    • Synchronous chain mechanism ensures stable and accurate labeling, high precision, and no box without labeling

    • Adopts S304 stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy materials, high corrosion resistance and rust resistance

    Application of Automatic Corner Wrap Labeler SED-ZJT

    SED-ZJT label wrapping machine is widely used in packaging boxes, cartons, bags and other packaging objects in a variety of industries. 

    The industrial label machine can be connected with other packaging equipment to set up a complete packaging production line, such as pill counting machine, aluminun foil sealing machine, etc.

  • Model


    Applicable Label (mm)

    length: 6-300

    width: 15-130

    Applicable Product Size (mm)

    length: 30-300

    width: 30-200

    height: 10-100

    Capacity (bottles/min)


    Applicable Voltage

    220V / 50Hz

    Overall Dimensions (L*W*H mm)


    Gas Source (MPa)


    Machine Weight (kg)


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