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SED-JPG Series Automatic Capsule Polisher Machine

Device model:SED-JPG Series

Introduction:SED-JPG Series automatic capsule polishing machine uses a rotating brush to clean the capsules and tablets continuously, and can remove empty shells and broken capsules at the same time.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of Automatic Capsule Polisher Machine

    SED-JPG Series capsule polishing machine is a special polishing equipment for cleaning capsules, tablets, and other pills. It can remove dust on the surface of capsules and tablets, improving the surface finish. 

    The capsule polishing machine is not only applied to polishing capsule, tablet and eliminating the static electricity, but also applied to rejecting empty capsule, little dosage capsule, separated capsules and fragment. 

    Structure of Automatic Capsule Polisher Machine

    The automatic capsule polishing machine is mainly composed of a hopper, a polishing cylinder, a sealing cylinder, a brush, a coupling, a split bearing seat, a motor, a distribution box, a waste removal head, a discharge hopper and a frame.

     capsule polishing machine parts

    Features of Automatic Capsule Polisher Machine

    • All stainless shell, meets the GMP requirements

    • Fast connection of roller brush leads to disassemble easily and clean thoroughly

    • Frequency inverter controls the speed of the motor, bear big start up force and run stably

    • Small size, high capacity & efficiency

    Application of Automatic Capsule Polisher Machine

    This type of small capsule cleaning machine is suitable for all sizes of capsules and tablets. It can be operated independently or connected with capsule filling machine, tablet press machine and so on to form a production line.

  • Model



    Capacity (pcs/hr)



    Power Supply

    220V 280W

    220V,50Hz,2A, Single-phase

    Overall Dimensions 

    (L*W*H mm)



    Weight (kg)

    net: 45

    gross: 65

    net: 42

    gross: 70

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