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Automatic Pouch Sachet Sorting Machine SED-400LDJ-A

Device model:SED-400LDJ-A

Introduction:SED-400LDJ-A pouch sorting machine is a equipment which integrates sorting and counting technology for bags, sachets. It is commonly connected with cartoning machines to set up a packaging line.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of Sachet Sorting Machine

    SED-400LDJ-A pouch sorting counting machine owns the integrated design of storage, loading and bag sorting, with a simple structure and small footprint. The machine can be connected with a automatic cartoner machine. Materials are transported into the cartoning machine according to the form, order or stacking required by the packaging to complete the next process of cartoning.

    Features of Sachet Sorting Machine

    • Large-capacity storage, easy and convenient feeding

    • Photoelectric sensor monitors and feeds back the bag sorting situation in real time

    • Overlapping and continuous bags are less than 0.1%

    • Low noise during machine work

    • Servo control method realizes automatic bag arrangement

    Applications of Sachet Sorting Machine

    SED-400LDJ-A pouch sorting machine can be applied with various sachets in 3-side, 4-side, back-side, and irregular sealing types. This machine is widely used in the packaging of food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, cosmetic and other related industries.

  • ModelSED-400LDJ-A

    Sorting Speed (pcs/min)

    max 400

    Pouch Specification

    length ≤180mm, width ≤100mm

    Power (kW)



    AC220V  50/60Hz

    Dimensions (L*W*H mm)


    Weight (kg)


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