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SED-YG Bottle Cap Tightener Machine

20-50 bottles/min

Device model:SED-YG

Introduction:SED-YG cap tightener machine is for plastic round bottles, which requires a diameter under 100mm and a height of 40-180mm. The cap retorquer can change the capping system according to the bottle cap and bottle style, controlled by PLC system and meets GMP standards.

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  • Equipment introduction
  • Device parameters
  • Description of SED-YG Bottle Cap Tightener Machine

    The design structure of SED-YG bottle cap tightener is firm, and the electrical control and other parts are all sealed to avoid material activity affecting the service life of electrical components. At the same time, this automatic cap tightener adopts an embedded buckle structure, which is easy to disassemble, clean, and easy to use and maintain.

    The cap retorquer can change the capping system according to the bottle cap and bottle style. The constant torque capping head ensures that the capping head stops rotating after the cap reaches the tightness requirement, which is suitable for products with high tightness requirements.

    Features of SED-YG Bottle Cap Tightener Machine

    • Frequency conversion speed control system

    • PLC control system

    • Adopts intelligent touch screen to set parameters

    • Made of stainless steel 304 material, in line with GMP requirements

    • Photoelectric sensor detection, the operation will be suspended when lacking of bottle or blocked bottle

    • Buckle structure, easy to disassemble and clean

    • Equipment operating area is equipped with safety protection cover

    • Defective product detection (optional)

    Application of SED-YG Bottle Cap Tightener Machine

    SED-YG cap retorquer machine is suitable for capping plastic bottles which will applied in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, daily chemical, and other industries. This bottle cappers is applicable to combine operation with other bottling line equipment such as pill counting machine, foil sealing machine.

    diy bottle capper

  • Model


    Applicable Bottle Type

    Round Plastic Bottle

    diameter ≤100mm

    height 40-180mm

    Production Capacity (bottle/min)



    AC220V 50Hz 0.3kW

    Dimensions (mm)


    Gas Consumption (MPa)


    Weight (kg)


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