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Hangzhou Shengde Machinery Co., Ltd (Sed Counter) , created in 2012, is currently one of the leading pharma equipment manufacturers in China. We have the ability to manufacture a complete line of pill packaging systems, and all kinds of electronic tablet counters which have a good market reputation around world.
The main products we manufacture with high quality mainly are capsule counting machine, bottle unscrambler, capping machine, desiccant inserter machine, foil sealing machine, labeling machine, liquid filling machine, effervescent tablet tube filling machine, capsule polisher, etc., they are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other related industries.

We Focus on the Industry

Our company is currently one of the domestic suppliers that can produce a complete set of counting and filling lines with a good market reputation

  • Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Food Industry

  • Daily Chemical Industry

  • Research Institute

  • Tablet packaging, pill packaging, hard capsule packaging, soft capsule packaging, special-shaped tablet packaging, iodophor cotton ball packaging, etc...

  • Soft candy packaging, meat product packaging, candy packaging, nut packaging, Coffee bean packaging, effervescent tablet packaging, etc...

  • Skin care capsule packaging, laundry gel beads packaging, button packaging, etc...

  • Experimental tablet packaging, experimental pill packaging, experimental capsule packaging, etc.

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