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Working Principle and Characteristics of Bottle Unscrambler

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What Is A Bottle Unscrambler?

Automatic bottle unscrambler adopts electromechanical integration design, which is easy to operate, simple to maintain, reliable in operation and wide in application. The machine is equipped with a quantitative control and detection device for bottle discharge and an overload protection device. The body and the barrel are made of high-quality stainless steel, with a beautiful appearance, which meets the requirements of GMP standards.

Purpose and Scope of Application

Plastic bottle unscrambler is widely used in pharmaceutical companies to automatically arrange and quantitatively output plastic bottles of different shapes and specifications. It is an ideal supporting equipment for various plastic bottle production lines. It can also be used in plastic bottle bottling production lines in chemical, light industry, food and beverage industries.

Working Principle of Bottle Unscrambling Machine

  • The bottle unscrambler machine principle contains the following steps:

  • The stepped bottle feeding device transports the bottles to the unscrambler tube. 

  • The turntable in the unscrambler tube rotates counterclockwise under the drive of the transmission mechanism. 

  • The bottles in the tube fall into the turntable groove. 

  • The bottles are driven by the rotating turntable and pass through the bottle outlet plate and the bottle distance device enters the bottle unscrambler machine, the bottle is clamped by the synchronous wheel in the unscrambler to pull down the bottle open distance, and the bottle will be automatically centered after passing the bottle holder.

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Features of Bottle Sorting Equipment

1. Strong compatibility, can be used for round, square, flat square and special-shaped plastic bottles of various specifications.

2. Special bottle unscramble structure and bottle loading structure, fast bottle output speed, can ensure the high-speed bottle filling line for bottle needs.

3. The scientific bottle unscramble control system avoids the damage to the bottles caused by the collision of the bottles in the unscramble bucket.

4. Fully automatic operation, intelligent joint control with upper and lower procedures, no need for special operation, saving labor.

5. It has the functions of detecting and rejecting inverted and reversed bottles to ensure that no inverted or reversed bottles enter the subsequent process.

Precautions When Cleaning

1. Rotary bottle unscrambler is equipped with electrical control components. When the components come into contact with water, there is a danger of electric shock and the components may be damaged. Therefore, when cleaning the unscrambler, you cannot directly clean the body of the unscrambler with water.

2. Lubricate the unscramble bottle machine regularly and clean it every once in a while.

3. Residues such as oil stains and paints are strictly prohibited on the body of the automatic bottle unscrambler machine. Residues will accelerate the corrosion of the unscrambler and affect the life of the automatic unscrambler. Any residue found should be cleaned up in time.

4. Be sure to turn off the air source and power supply when disassembling and washing the bottle unscrambler.

Precautions When Using

1. Choose a power supply that meets the specifications of the bottle unscrambler.

2. Industrial bottle unscrambler must have a good grounding, and a power socket with a ground wire is required.

3. If you need to repair the control circuit, you must unplug the power supply to avoid electric shock. Because even after turning off the power of the unscrambler, some circuits in the electrical control of the machine still have strong voltage, so unplug the power supply.

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