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Why are the Medicine Bottles Stuffed with Cotton?

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The packaging of medicines is one of the important links that affect the effect of medicines. In the process of packaging medicines, the safety of medicines during transportation and the moisture-proof problems before the medicine bottles are unopened must be considered.

Function of cotton in a medicine bottle

1. Put cotton or desiccant in the medicine bottle. Its function is to block or absorb moisture to achieve the purpose of drying, but also to ensure the quality of the medicine until the date of opening.

2. The powdered medicine is packed with cotton to prevent the medicine powder from being spilled.

3. Some medicines are packed with cotton balls to ensure product quality. They are located at the mouth of the bottle to keep the capsules or tablets under proper pressure and prevent the medicines from being damaged during transportation.

cotton filling machine

Should the cotton or desiccant inside the medicine bottle be thrown away after it is opened?

Many people still keep the cotton or desiccant in the medicine bottle after the medicine bottle is opened. This practice is wrong. As the medicine bottle is repeatedly opened, the bottle originally acts as a barrier to moisture. Desiccant or cotton will also absorb moisture in the air. Putting the moisture-absorbed desiccant back into the bottle will make the medicine more damp. The function of cotton and desiccant is to ensure the quality of the medicine from the factory to the opening. After the medicine bottle is opened, the cotton is easily exposed to moisture in the air, and the desiccant also loses its effect. If the desiccant that adsorbs moisture is placed together with the medicine, it is easy to cause The medicine has deteriorated. Therefore, the cotton and desiccant should be discarded directly after the medicine is opened. If you find that the medicine is discolored or sticky, you can no longer use it. Medicines should be stored in a cool and dry place, and kept out of the reach of children.

The expiry date of drug packaging

1. Unopened medicines:  Unopened or single-dose individually packaged medicines should be stored in accordance with the storage conditions specified in the drug insert. The shelf life before opening can reach the expiry date of the drug label.

2. Medicines after opening: After opening, the medicines can no longer be stored and taken according to the expiry date on the package. Capsules, dripping pills and other medicines are easy to absorb moisture. After opening, they should generally be used up within 3 months to half a year.

Elements of drug storage

Drugs often deteriorate and fail due to external conditions such as light, heat, moisture, air, acid, alkali, temperature, and microorganisms. The storage conditions of different medicines are different. Protecting from light, dryness, coolness, and sealing are the four major elements for storing medicines.

Cotton inserting equipment

Cotton stuffing machine is suitable for round, square and flat square plastic bottles with a caliber less than 17mm. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and other industries. The cotton strip can be automatically loaded into the container; PLC automatic control, touch screen control man-machine interface, can be connected to a complete bottling and filling production line.

Features of cotton inserting machine

1. Manually load the product to the side of the pulling roller, the equipment can automatically run, automatically feed, pull off, plug like a material tube, turn to the bottle mouth position, and stuff it into the bottle.

2.Automatic cotton inserting machine sets and fixes the bottle. When the bottle positioning time meets the parameters set by the PLC programming, the pneumatic system will automatically change the bottle.

3. Fully automatic operation can be realized; each bottle can be filled multiple times.

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