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Features and Classification of Bottle Capping Machine

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CG series high-speed screw capping machine is mainly used in medicine, industry, chemical industry, food and other industries. It is a special equipment for automatic capping of plastic bottles and glass bottles. The automation of the machine greatly improves labor productivity and avoids the artificial pollution caused by manual screwing in the past.

Overview of capping machine

Capping machine is a fully automatic packaging equipment designed in strict accordance with national GMP standards and process requirements. The design and manufacturing principle of this machine is to provide the best, most accurate and most efficient capping work under the highest operating efficiency. The main transmission part of the machine is placed in the box to avoid the contamination of the material caused by the wear of the transmission mechanism. All parts in contact with the material are polished with high precision.

Working process of capping machine

Working process of CG series high-speed rubbing capping machine is divided into: automatic bottle feeding, automatic cap arranging, cap feeding, capping, capping, screwing, and automatic bottle discharging.

Features of the capping machine

Most of the parts of the whole machine are made of aluminum alloy, and the outer shell is made of high-quality stainless steel, which realizes the light weight and easy handling of the whole machine.

The capping machine can be adjusted according to the height and size of each bottle cap within the scope of application, and the height and size of the bottle body can be adjusted by the user at will. In particular, the motor control system for bottle clamping, capping, and conveying is controlled by imported frequency converters. Users can freely set the production volume within the scope of machine design, which provides more convenience for production arrangements and process formulation. 

High-speed capping machine is a high-efficiency equipment with wide application range, convenient operation, stable operation, easy cleaning, convenient maintenance, and durable.

bottle capping machine

Classification of capping machine

1. Hand-held capping machine

Hand-held capping machine is a kind of capping machine, suitable for any screw cap unscrewing or tightening tool. Convenient to carry and simple to operate, it is widely used in various industries such as medicine, pesticide, etc.

2. Vacuum capping machine

The vacuum capping machine generally refers to equipment used for unscrewing and vacuum capping of glass bottles and tinplate. The glass bottle mouth is screwed, and the lid material is usually tinplate. The vacuum capping machine is only used for glass bottle tinplate uncapped packaging, because the packaging container must be able to maintain a vacuum and the container must be sufficiently rigid, otherwise it will collapse. The cap must have enough sealant and can be firmly screwed with the bottle to keep the vacuum in the bottle for a long time. There are three main types of vacuum capping machines: steam jet type and semi-sealed vacuum type. , Fully sealed vacuum type.

3. Desktop capping machine

Desktop capping machine is composed of capping gun body, capping head, and multi-speed transformer. The advantages are easy to carry, simple operation, high efficiency, fast speed, and the degree of tightness can be realized by adjusting the nut.

Automatic capping machine plays a very important role in the packaging industry. For example, the capping machine ensures the tightness of the food seal and ensures the safety of the food. If the food is not tightly sealed, the food is directly connected to the air, which will cause pollution to the human body. Eating contaminated food will cause greater harm to the human body.

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