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How to Solve the Problem of Broken Labels on the Labeling Machine?

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Labeling machine plays a very important role in the pharmaceutical packaging industry. In the production process, the stability of the equipment is very important. Once the equipment fails, it will affect the production, increase the cost, and the delivery time will not be punctual, etc., which will affect the company's Development and customer trust. Therefore, understanding the causes and solutions of certain equipment failures is conducive to timely maintenance of the equipment.

Classification of Labeling Machines

According to the realization of different labeling functions, it can be divided into flat labeling machine, side labeling machine and circumferential labeling machine.

According to the degree of automation, it can be divided into automatic, automatic, semi-automatic and manual labeling machines.

Flat sticker labeling machine: It is a device that uses adhesives to paste paper or metal foil labels on designated packaging containers to realize the labeling of the upper surface and the upper surface of the product, medical treatment, food, chemical industry, and cosmetics. , Packaging boxes, cartons, bags and other packaging objects in electronics and other industries.

Round bottle labeling machine: It is used to label round bottles, square bottles/boxes or cylindrical objects with a dynamic synchronous tension control supply label. It has been widely used in round cans in light industry such as cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, etc. Labeling of round bottle products of different sizes, such as round bottles.

Double-sided labeling machine: suitable for various round bottles, flat bottles, square bottles, special-shaped bottles in light industry such as cosmetics, food, medicine, daily chemical industry, etc. Adopt brand servo motor, touch screen interface, PLC control system, easy operation, simple maintenance, accumulated counting, work number setting, display and other functions, which can be adjusted arbitrarily within the parameter range. With automatic control and detection system, no bottle, no label, no ribbon, and no label will be sent if there is no bottle.

flat labeling machine

Reasons and Related Solutions.

1. The bottom paper at the edge of the label is cracked. The bottom paper at the edge of the label is easy to crack during the transportation of the label of the labeling machine. There is tension when the labeling machine is running, which causes the bottom paper to break easily. If the roller is not adjusted properly, the bottom paper will break. When loading labels, arrange the roller label paper roll.

2. The label roll is too tight. Adhesive leaks, the label roll is too tight and there is a certain tension when labeling. Glue leakage and the tension of the labeling machine will cause the bottom paper to break. Check carefully before using the labeling machine.

3. The peeling layer is damaged. If the peeling layer (usually the silicone oil layer) of the label bottom paper is damaged, it will also cause the label to break. When buying labels, choose reliable, quality-guaranteed manufacturers.


Automatic labeling machine also needs regular inspection and maintenance equipment, which is the key to ensuring a more stable operation of the machine. To clean up the debris remaining after the machine is used, use the stainless steel part of the rust-proof oil spray clipper and wipe it lightly with a soft cloth. After the equipment is used, pay attention to keeping the machine clean, and clean up the mechanism of the labeling machine , such as the friction roller, electrical box, etc., to ensure that it is clean next time it is used and prevents contamination.

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