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What Kind of Label is Suitable for the Labeling Machine?

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Labeling machine is a kind of packaging equipment that sticks self-adhesive labels on bottles or containers of food, medicine, cosmetics and other products. Labeling is the last step of the counting filling production line. The labeling machine is also an indispensable equipment for modern production and packaging. With the development of the times, there are more and more types of labeling machines, and the technical level is getting higher and higher. , From manual labeling machine, semi-automatic labeling machine to current automatic labeling machine.

Application of Labeling Machine

The automatic sticker labeling machine has a simple and reasonable structure and is easy to operate. The production capacity can be adjusted steplessly according to the specifications and characteristics of the bottle and labeling paper. This labeling machine is highly adaptable to bottles. For glass and plastic bottles of various specifications such as food, medicine, cosmetics, etc., whether transparent or opaque self-adhesive labels are used, they can be stuck on bottles or containers. Satisfactory label.

Working Principle of the Labeling Machine:

a. The bottles are processed by the bottle separating mechanism to separate the bottles to be labeled.

b. After sending to the bottle position sensor, the PLC controller will receive the instruction and start the label sending motor at the same time to send out the label quickly.

c. In the process of label movement, when the label sensor detects the gap between the label and the label, the PLC controller will also receive an instruction to stop sending the label, and a label completes the peeling action.

d. At this time, in cooperation with the labeling mechanism, the label is attached to the bottle body during the rotation of the bottle.

e. At the same time, the PLC controller sends out a coding signal to perform a coding action on the stationary label, and the counter increases by a value.

bottle sticker labeling machine

What Kind of Label is Suitable for the Labeling Machine?

Label Surface Material

The label stiffness of the automatic labeling machine must be good, which means that the surface material must have a certain strength and hardness. The thickness and label area of the label material will also affect the stiffness of the label. Labels with poor rigidity will result in failure to sign out normally or other factors that affect packaging production.

Label Centrifugal Force

The centrifugal force should be within the appropriate range. The force separating the label from the bottom paper is the centrifugal force. The centrifugal force is related to the type and amount of the adhesive and the labeling temperature. If the centrifugal force is too small, the label is easy to fall off, and if the centrifugal force is too large, the label is not easy to be released.

Label Bottom Paper

Bottom paper is also an important factor for the labeling machine to produce labels without errors. The label bottom paper needs to have good tensile strength, uniform thickness, good light transmission, uniform silicon coating, and consistent centrifugal force. During processing, avoid cutting through the bottom paper or destroying the silicon layer, which will cause the label not to appear.

After understanding the working principle of the labeling machine and the correct choice of labels, I believe you will be able to choose the most suitable labeling machine and label for the product. The round bottle labeling machine is suitable for labeling round bottles, and the flat labeling machine is suitable for labeling flat outer packaging, such as boxes, bags, paper, etc. There is also a double side labeling machine suitable for irregular bottles.

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