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Fish Oil Soft Capsule

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Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to health preservation, and they will take some health products. Fish oil capsules are now more popular health products. They are extracted from deep-sea fish, such as salmon, sardines, and other better materials to extract EPA and DHA. It can be made to nourish, improve the health of the human body, effectively regulate blood lipids, reduce blood viscosity, prevent thrombosis, prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases; and can pass through the blood-brain barrier to activate brain cells, Promote brain development, prevent Alzheimer's disease, improve vision, and delay the decline of vision.

People Suitble

1. People with three highs (high blood fat, high blood pressure, high cholesterol).

2. Poor blood circulation, sore cervical spine, cold hands and feet.

3. Patients with heart disease, arteriosclerosis, thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage and stroke.

4. Those who suffer from arthritis, gout, asthma, and those with presbyopic tendency of vision loss.

Principle of Action

EPA in fish oil can inhibit low-density lipoprotein cholesterol from easily combining with other components in blood vessels to adhere to bad lipoproteins deposited on the inner wall of blood vessels, reducing adhesion and deposits on the inner wall of blood vessels, and can assist in the removal of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL) The excess fat on the blood vessel wall, so taking fish oil can not only lower blood lipids, but also prevent the occurrence of coronary heart disease and cerebrovascular disease.

The Efficacy of Fish Oil

Fish oil capsule is a kind of health care product, not a medicine. It may have a certain effect on human health. It mainly extracts nutrients from fish, such as salmon and sardines. It can effectively reduce the condition of hypertension and heart disease patients. At the same time, it also has certain anti-platelet, scavenging oxygen free radicals and so on.

1. Digestive system: The fish oil soft capsule has the benefits of moisturizing the intestines, alleviating constipation, increasing gastrointestinal absorption and digestion, and relieving abdominal flatulence.

2. Circulatory system: fish oil soft capsules can soften blood vessels, improve the blood supply of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular vessels, and improve the damage of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular endothelial cells, which significantly reduces the incidence and recurrence rate of coronary atherosclerotic heart disease and cerebrovascular diseases. The benefit of the effect.

3. Respiratory system: Fish oil soft capsules can act as an immune barrier, improve the function of endothelial cells in the respiratory system, and reduce airway hyperresponsiveness in cold seasons.

4. Nervous system: Fish oil soft capsules can improve the function of the nervous system, promote sleep and calm the nerves.

How to Buy Fish Oil?

When buying fish oil, the purity of fish oil can be distinguished by observing the light transmittance and gloss of the fish oil.

The purity of fish oil reaches 30%, and the purity of fish oil is determined by the selected gelatin. Good gelatin can ensure the purity of fish oil, and the fish oil will not ooze out. If the fish oil oozes out, the purity of fish oil will not reach the standard. The purity of fish oil made with medical bone glue is 30%, and the light transmittance and gloss are excellent. The purity of fish oil made with skin glue is only 15%, and the light transmittance and gloss are worse than bone glue. Fish oil made of synthetic glue , The purity can only reach 5%, the color is dull, and the light transmittance is poor.

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