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The Working Principle of Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

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Aluminum sealing machine is suitable for sealing plastic bottles and glass bottles in the medicine, pesticide, food, daily chemical, lubricant and other industries. Ideal sealing machine.

Electromagnetic induction sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to instantaneously generate high heat on the aluminum foil on the bottle mouth, and then fuse it on the bottle mouth to achieve the sealing function. The sealing speed is fast, suitable for mass production; the all-stainless steel moulded shell is beautiful and generous; it is easy to use and the sealing quality is good.

Electromagnetic Induction Sealing Technology

Electromagnetic induction sealing technology is a relatively advanced and popular non-contact sealing technology. The electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine (air-cooled) uses induction heating to seal, which greatly improves the product quality, prevents natural moisture absorption, extends the shelf life, enhances the anti-counterfeiting performance, and improves the sealing speed and sealing quality.

Advantages of Aluminum Foil Sealing Film

1. Block air, prevent oxidation, waterproof and moisture. 2. High temperature resistance (121°C), low temperature resistance (-50°C), oil resistance and good fragrance retention performance. 3. Meet the sanitary standards of food and medicine packaging. 4. Good heat sealing performance, flexibility, and high barrier performance. 4. Effectively protect the product from loss and prevent the product from being squeezed and overflowed.

TheWorking Principle of Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Aluminium foil sealer machine is based on the effect of high-frequency electromagnetic field, which causes the aluminum foil to generate a huge eddy current and quickly heats up, melts the adhesive film under the aluminum foil and bonds with the bottle mouth, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid non-contact air sealing.

The main power components are installed on a large radiator and forced air cooling.

Structural Characteristics of Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

Lifting device: The sensing device can be adjusted freely according to the height of the bottle, which has a wide range of applications.

Air-cooled system: air-cooled heat dissipation system, fast sealing speed, better sealing.

High-quality crawler: The plastic crawler has low friction coefficient, wear resistance, and is not affected by temperature.

Control panel: It is equipped with key indicator lights and switch buttons, which is safe and stable.

Speed regulating device: The sealing speed can be adjusted according to actual needs, and the operation is simple.

Precautions for the Use of Aluminum Foil Sealing Machine

1.Do not pull the sealing box forcefully to prevent deformation of the sealing box. 2. Flammable and explosive dangerous goods are strictly prohibited. 3. Metal objects are strictly prohibited to be placed under the sealed box. 4. If you want to open the sealing box or the main box, please professional personnel to operate, so as not to cause danger or damage the machine.

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