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What Machine is Used for Polishing Capsules?

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Why Do We Polish Capsules?

Literally, by using a capsule polishing machine, can specially removing the dust on the surface of tablets and capsules, and can also improve the surface finish, including the removal of empty shells and broken capsules.

As a medical polishing machine, all parts in contact with drugs are made of stainless steel and comply with GMP standards. The machine adopts negative pressure waste removal device, which has no pollution to the environment.

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How Does a Capsule Polishing Machine Work?

  • Through the rotary motion of the brush, the capsule is driven to make a circular spiral motion along the wall of the polishing bobbin to make the capsule move forward along the spiral spring.

  • Under the constant friction with the brush and the polishing cylinder wall, the surface of the capsule shell is polished, and the polished capsule enters the waste bucket from the discharge port.

  • In the waste remover, due to the action of negative pressure, the capsule rises under the action of air flow, and the light unqualified capsule enters the vacuum cleaner through the straw. The heavy qualified capsule continues to fall and discharge through the movable discharge hopper.

  • The powder and small fragments brushed off in the polishing process enter the sealing cylinder through the small hole on the wall of the polishing cylinder and are sucked into the vacuum cleaner for recycling.

What Issues of the Tablet Polisher You Need to Pay Attention to?

Capsule polishing machine adopts stainless steel instead of plexiglass, which is not easy to deform, and uses a stainless steel mesh cover, which solves the disadvantages of traditional mesh cover that is easy to break and need to be replaced frequently.

  1. Connect one of the straws of the industrial vacuum cleaner under the polished sealing cylinder;

  2. Turn on the power of the industrial vacuum cleaner and the capsule polishing machine, and adjust the air volume of the suction pipe for sucking the powder in the industrial vacuum cleaner.

  3. Work can only be carried out after the above preparations are made.

  4. Adjustment method: polishing cylinder tilt adjustment: the tilt is adjusted by the tail support plate, the tilt is large, the polishing effect is good, and the tilt is small and the production efficiency is high.

  5. Clean up polishing machines and industrial vacuum cleaners in time after each shift is completed. When necessary, industrial vacuum cleaners should also be cleaned in the middle of work.

In the capsule polishing process, it is necessary to adjust the speed of the polishing machine and the inclination of the polishing drum. 

  1. Polishing machine speed adjustment: arranged by electronic speed controller. For fragile capsules, the speed can be appropriately low, and vice versa. When used for tablet polishing, the rotation speed can be appropriately lowered.

  2. Polishing cylinder tilt adjustment: the tilt is adjusted by the tail support plate, the tilt is large, the polishing effect is good, and the tilt is small and the production efficiency is high.

  3. Industrial vacuum cleaner adjustment: The professional industrial vacuum cleaner has two sets of dust-washing tube devices, each with a suction volume adjustment board to adjust, and the air volume is adjusted according to the usage.

Where to Buy the Capsule Polisher Machine?

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