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Powder Filling Machine

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powder filling machine

Powder filling machines are widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industries and other fields. It is suitable for quantitative filling of pesticides, veterinary drugs, milk powder, condiments and other powders. The powder filling machine can be used alone or combined with a bottle washing machine and other equipment to form a linked production line.

Equipment Overview

Automatic powder filling machine is designed for various powder filling and capping (capping). It is the filling host in the filling production line. It is suitable for the filling and sealing of easy-to-straight tube bottles. Capping and capping (capping can be customized), with the function of no bottle no filling. Powder filling agent filling and capping (capping) are combined into one, with reasonable design, compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, and conforms to GMP design standards.

Main Feature

Powder filling machine operation, accuracy error, machine adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and other aspects are more simple and convenient. The filling system and capping system are fully reflected in this series of models, with high filling accuracy and no dripping. To adjust the measurement, it can be adjusted in a large range to close to the measurement, and then fine-tuned to make the measurement accurate. The filling machine is selected with international famous brand electrical components to be configured according to the user's process requirements, which can meet the production needs of different specifications and different capacities. Germany's Siemens PLC, Omron and Germany's Seek Electric have ensured its excellent quality and long-lasting stable performance.

Work Flow Chart of Powder Filling Machine

Feeding →Filling →Capping→Sealing

Gas Washing Machine with Linkage Equipment for Powder Filling

Work Flow Chart of Gas Washing Machine:

Clamping bottle → Turning over the bottle → Purging → Reverse reset

1. Gas washing machine adopts flexible and powerful manipulators to grasp the bottle, turn the bottle, blow-wash, control the bottle, turn over and reset, and discharge the bottle, etc., to achieve fully automated production.

2. The principle of bottle-clamping, flip-pressure-valve rinsing is high in efficiency, and the rinsing effect is stable and reliable. No bottle no blowing

3. Free control of rinsing speed, digital display of current production speed.

4. The turning manipulator developed by the introduction of advanced technology has accurate positioning of the bottle grasping and free turning movement; the blowing valve adopts the middle plunger guide shaft lip seal ring, which has good sealing performance, long service life, and large blowing force. The advantages of quasi-sexuality.

5. The manipulator of the bottle washing machine adopts stamping and precision casting processes, and is made of stainless steel. The intermediate clamping mode is spur gears, which makes the clamping, turning and placing of bottles stable and free, so that the equipment is truly high-speed, high-quality, and efficient. . The guide rail slide block, pinion gear, and roller are made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, which are wear-resistant and practical, with guaranteed material purity and long service life of parts. The material is not subject to changes in temperature.


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