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Production Method and Packaging of Effervescent Tablets

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Packaging of effervescent tablets pays much attention to the tightness and dryness of the packaging, so manufacturers generally use effervescent tablet tubes to package effervescent tablets to prevent the effervescent tablets from being damp and damaged.

Production Method of Effervescent Tablets

There are three ways to make effervescent tablets: dry granulation, wet granulation, and direct compression.

Dry granulation; the dry granulator does not need to add any binder during the granulation process, which largely avoids the contact of the acid source and alkali source of the effervescent disintegrant with water, and the stability of the effervescent tablet is improved. Great improvement.

Wet granulation: Wet granulation requires the addition of a binder. The binder contains an aqueous solution. Therefore, the acid source and alkali source of the effervescent disintegrant must be granulated separately, dried, mixed evenly and then compressed, in order to avoid the granulation process Acid-base reaction occurs in the process.

Direct compression: The powder is directly compressed, without granulation, which can save costs, and can avoid contact with water solvents and improve the stability of effervescent tablets. There are certain restrictions in the actual application process.

Precautions for the Production and Packaging of Effervescent Tablets:

1. Packaging of effervescent tablets needs to choose double-aluminum packaging or high-density polyethylene bottles or PP plastic bottles that are not easily permeable to water and oxygen.

2. When granulating effervescent tablets, be careful not to use acid and alkali together with the main drug. Acid and alkali will affect the stability of the drug and lead to unqualified degradation products.

3. Be careful not to store the finished effervescent tablet for too long, and control the humidity.

4. Pay attention to humidity when compressing tablets to prevent water absorption from affecting the stability of effervescent tablets.

Bottle Tube Effervescent Tablets Filler

Types of Effervescent Tablets

Effervescent tablets are divided into oral and topical types

The oral type is divided into two types: medicinal and health-care effervescent tablets. The medicinal type is mainly used to treat colds, infections and other diseases, such as aspirin effervescent tablets, acetaminophen effervescent tablets, etc.; the health-care type is mainly vitamin and mineral nutrition and health products, such as vitamin C effervescent tablets, multi-dimensional foam Teng tablets, iron supplement effervescent tablets, etc. The topical type is generally medicinal and is mainly used to treat gynecological inflammation. For example, the dissolution rate of Shuangzuotai effervescent tablets and effervescent tablets is faster than suppositories and better absorption than suppositories.

Precautions for Taking Effervescent Tablets

Children need to be taken under the care of their parents. Vitamin C effervescent tablets should not be left for too long after they are soaked. It is not advisable to use beverages or tea bubbles, as chemical reactions will occur. The water temperature of bubble-teng tablets should not be too high. After taking it, rinse your mouth with water to reduce the damage of acid to teeth.

Application and Characteristics of Effervescent Tablet Tube Filling Machine

The effervescent tablet tube filling machine is suitable for the packaging of larger and finer tablets, which are ordered into the tube in an orderly overlapping manner.   Automatic plastic tube filling machine completely adopts PLC for centralized control. After the verification of optical fiber and photoelectric detection and various other detection methods, it has stable performance and reliable automatic operation. If there are no pills, bottles or caps, it can automatically sound an alarm and shut down. The contact part between it and the tablet is made of high-quality 316 stainless steel, which fully meets the requirements of GMP.

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