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Importance of Pharmaceutical Packaging Creativity

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Importance of pharmaceutical packaging is not only to satisfy the protection of medicines, but also to the design creativity of the outer packaging. Creative and interesting packaging can meet the psychological needs of consumers, arouse consumers' emotions, and reduce the patient's treatment. Reduce resistance and negative emotions in the process.

Necessity of Medicine Packaging Creativity

The diversity of consumer needs

Patients' ages, lifestyle habits, and degree of illness are different, and the needs of patients for medicine packaging are naturally different. This distinction has led to the diversity of product demand.

Most of the consumer groups of medicines have a negative and depressive state due to illness. Depending on the degree of the illness and the difference in personal tolerance, although the degree of negative expression of depression is different, negative emotions are universal. However, adding some creative designs to the packaging of medicines can effectively alleviate the resistance of patients during the healing process of taking medicines. The packaging of medicines that are too serious and rational seems cold and boring. Appropriately adding some interesting designs can alleviate the patient's heart pressure and help alleviate the condition and achieve the purpose of rehabilitation.


Pharmaceutical Packaging Design Requirements

1. The packaging must be consistent with the manufacturer's logo and image.

2. Packaging of the medicine must have a label. The text on the label is a very important part. It needs to clearly reflect the brand, drug name, drug function, taking time, taking precautions, etc. This enables consumers to obtain complete and accurate drug information.

3. Anti-counterfeiting technology is that every product needs to be paid attention when designing its packaging to prevent some unscrupulous merchants from copying, which will harm the interests of consumers and enterprises.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Material Requirements

Packaging material should have certain strength and toughness, not easy to break, and can effectively protect the safety of the medicine. Packaging materials are easy to be made into various packaging containers to adapt to packaging mechanization, automation, and easy printing. Packaging materials have certain properties of waterproofing, shading, and heat insulation due to different product requirements. The selected packaging materials should be environmentally friendly, convenient to obtain materials, widely available, and not pollute the environment. The packaging material itself is non-toxic, harmless and odorless.

Creative Classification of Pharmaceutical Packaging

Pharmaceutical packaging design ensures that while rigorous, safe and reasonable, creative design must be appropriately carried out. Creativity can be divided into the following categories:

1. Warm type, designed according to the different emotional needs of different groups of people, creating a warm atmosphere, and patients will appropriately relieve their psychological emotions.

2. Humorous, humorous creative design will make patients feel happy, but the expression of humor must be very cautious. Unclear expression will cause misunderstandings among consumers.


In order to ensure effective protection of medicines, we have paid enough attention to the materials of medicine packaging. While pursuing the improvement of the quality and safety of medicines, we also cannot ignore the spiritual impact of creative packaging design on consumers. The patient is a special group of people, and the packaging design should also pay attention to the diverse psychological needs of the patient, meet the psychological comfort of the patient, and alleviate and cure the condition.

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