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How Are Capsules Made?

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What Are Empty Capsules Made Of?

The hollow capsule is made of film-forming materials and corresponding auxiliary materials, and the film-forming materials and auxiliary materials used shall meet the requirements for medicinal or edible use.

The components of the hollow capsule usually include a film-forming material (substrate), a moisturizing agent, a surfactant, and if necessary, one or more auxiliary materials such as a colorant, a sunscreen, and the like can be added. Among them, the film-forming material is mainly gelatin, and there are also hypromellose, pullulan, hydroxypropyl starch, etc., which generally account for more than 90% of the total weight of the capsule except for water.

The hollow capsule usually consists of two parts (i.e. cap and body), both the body and cap are cylindrical, the slightly longer end is called the body, the slightly shorter end is called the cap, the cap and the sac The body should fit and lock tightly. The capsule surface is smooth, uniform in color, smooth incision, no deformation, and no odor.

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What Are the Methods for Filling Capsules?

Capsule filling can generally be done by manual filling, semi-automatic machine filling and fully automatic machine filling.

Manual Capsule Filling

Manual capsule filling requires a capsule filling plate. Such capsule filled sheets are mostly used in small businesses, laboratories, hospitals or pharmacies.

Semi-automatic Capsule Filling

Compared with manual capsule filling machines, semi-automatic capsule filling machines have a higher degree of automation, thus ensuring higher filling weight accuracy. 

Automatic Capsule Filling

The automatic filling of capsule filling depends on the birth of the automatic capsule filling machine.

What Are the Other Auxiliary Equipment in the Capsule Production Process?

In the capsule production line, in addition to the key capsule filling equipment, if you want to obtain a finished capsule with a smooth appearance, the capsule also needs to be polished.

The current capsule polishing machine also has the function of rejecting waste, so it can also reject those unqualified capsules and empty capsules during the working process, and improve the qualified rate of capsules.

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Where to Buy the Right Capsule Filler and Polisher?

According to your needs, Sed Counter Machinery provides semi-automatic or fully automatic capsule filling machines with different production specifications. They are generally suitable for filling capsules of various common sizes, and the material part of the machine also conforms to industry standards. We can also provide you with high quality capsule polishers, also available in a variety of production specifications and in compliance with GMP standards. If you have any need, please contact support@sedpahrma.com and leave your information, we will provide you with product information in time!

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