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Do You Really Know about Essential Oil?

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Essential oil filling machine

Essential oil refers to the general term for volatile aroma-containing substances extracted from spice plants and scent-secreting animals. It is extracted from the flower, leaf, fruit, resin and other parts of the plant through a special process. And not all plants can produce essential oils, only plants containing balsam glands can produce essential oils. Different plants have different distribution of balsam glands, and some are distributed on petals, leaves, rhizomes or tree trunks. Essential oils are highly volatile and will evaporate quickly when in contact with air, so the packaging of essential oils must be stored in sealed dark bottles.

Essential oils are made up of many different components. Some essential oils, such as rose, can be combined with more than 250 different molecules. Essential oils are lipophilic and easily dissolve in oils. Due to the short molecular chain of essential oils, they can easily penetrate the skin and enter the body through the abundant capillaries under the subcutaneous fat. In general, essential oils can also be inhaled into the body through the nasal mucosal tissues, thereby regulating emotions and physiological functions of the body.

Features of Essential Oils

1. No fragrance-does not mean no fragrance, only the original flavor of natural essential oils or natural plant extracts is used instead of synthetic fragrances. It has the effect of aromatherapy and does not irritate the skin.

2. Does not contain chemical pigments-does not mean that there is no color, but natural plants or biochemical extracts instead of the original colors.

3. No preservatives-natural Va, Ve, wheat germ oil, carrot oil are used as antioxidants to prevent product spoilage.

4. Does not contain mineral oils-use plant-based breathable grease or non-greasy breathable grease instead of excessively greasy mineral oil and wool oil. After use, it is moisturized and absorbed quickly.

5. No chemical ingredients that cause allergies-completely free of artificial flavors, lanolin, alcohol, chemical sunscreens, pigments and other ingredients that can cause allergy Irritate.

6. No undesirable chemical composition—every raw material used has passed safety test and toxicity test. It does not contain heavy metal substances such as mercury and lead, or other harmful and harmful chemical components.

Precautions for Using Essential Oils

1. Do not use thick, undiluted essential oils on the skin. When using essential oils for the first time, you can do a skin test to check for allergies.

2. The use of essential oils requires low doses and continuous use, so it is more appropriate to use essential oils to regulate the body's mechanism.

3. When there is a wound on the skin, avoid applying essential oils to the wound. Smaller wounds can be applied to the surface of the wound to accelerate the healing of the skin.

4. Not all essential oils can be taken orally. Oral use requires instructions from experts or manufacturers.

glass bottles for essential oils

How Do You Package Essential Oils?

Packages of Essential Oils

First of all, we need to pay attention to some matters when choosing the packaging of essential oils. The packaging design of essential oil is very different from that of ordinary products. Essential oil is an aromatic substance extracted from plants by technical means, which is often volatile and perishable. Therefore, ordinary commodity packaging pays more attention to cost and aesthetics, and the first thing to consider in essential oil packaging is practicality.

1. Store in Glass Containers

The containers of essential oils on the market are all glass instead of plastic. This is because the chemical reaction will occur when the essential oils are placed with plastic. The essential oils are corrosive to plastic. Therefore, the essential oil products must not be packaged and stored in plastic.

2. Store Away from Light

If the essential oil is exposed to the sun and exposed to ultraviolet radiation, it is very easy to volatilize. Of course, there will be deterioration problems. In order to maintain the service life of the essential oil, it must be stored in light proof glass containers, which is why the packaging bottles of the essential oil products on the market are brown.

3. Reinforced Outer Packaging

In view of the fact that the essential oils are all placed in glass bottles and are afraid of collision and damage during transportation and use, the requirements for external packaging of essential oil products are also very high. The best packaging method is to put them in stable and non deformable wooden boxes. If the budget is not high, you can choose light proof and hard paper packaging to ensure that the product is protected.

4. Essential Oil Bottle Labels

The usage of different essential oils is different. The first requirement of the essential oil bottle sticker is to identify the product details, usage, various performances and precautions in detail, so as to ensure the smooth use of consumers. The second requirement is the oil resistance of the label paper. Only when the bottle sticker has oil resistance can it ensure that it will not be damaged or fall off, or the handwriting is fuzzy and difficult to distinguish.

bottle applied in oil bottle filling machine

Essential Oil Filling Machine

Generally, the full-automatic machine to fill oil bottles will cover the steps of bottle feeding, filling and capping. SED-GX series essential oil filling and capping machine can run the above three steps, and the preparation before capping is also meticulous.

Dropper bottle caps are arranged in a whole row by the cap oscillator, and then pushed horizontally to the capping station to complete the automatic capping with the gravity block structure; The round caps are arranged in a row by the lid oscillator, and orderly enter the lower cap guide rail to cooperate with the bottle to realize automatic capping.

After the capping is completed, enter the capping station. The screw cap is a three jaw constant torque type, which will not damage the cap, and the torque is adjustable.

The automatic oil filling machine is controlled by PLC in the whole process, and the parameters are set through the touch screen. This type of liquid filling and capping machine also has the functions of no filling without bottle and no capping without bottle.

automatic oil filling machine

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