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Cosmetic Packaging for Small Business

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How Important is Packaging in Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are more of a fashion consumer goods in modern society. The packaging for beauty products needs to be both protective, functional and decorative. A good combination of these three is the direction that the development of cosmetics packaging has always needed to go.

The importance of cosmetic container packaging not only protects products, but also provides convenience for suppliers and ultimately consumers.

What Should Be Included in Cosmetic Packaging?


The container must be a well thought out solution that prevents product deterioration and helps maintain its quality. As part of the marketing of beauty products, it must be a container with beautiful appearance.

Ideally, containers should be made of durable materials to give the product a long shelf life. Through consumer use, it must last longer. Over time, frequent opening and closing of containers may cause losses. Finally, the container must protect the product to some extent so that it is still a safe product for human consumption. In other words, the container must protect the product from dirt, dust and bacteria.


A label must also be included in the container to clearly show basic information about the product and the manufacturer. These labels include contact information, ingredients, expiration date, warnings, and instructions. Labels can not only identify products and their sources, but also help consumers understand the facts that will not cause confusion or misleading.


What Are the Types of Packaging for Cosmetics?


At present, the plastic cosmetic packaging mainly include pet, PE, PVC, PP, etc. At first, PET was mainly used for water and beverage packaging. However, due to its high strength, good transparency, good chemical stability and high barrier, PET has been widely used in cream, lotion, cosmetic water and other packaging in recent years.

cosmetic tubes


As a packaging material, glass has many valuable characteristics, such as excellent transparency, heat resistance, chemical stability and barrier property. It can be made into packaging containers of various shapes and sizes by various molding methods. It is mainly used in various perfume and some high-end cosmetics to cater to consumers with its crystal clear beauty.

perfume bottle


The metal has good barrier property, especially the aluminum material has a very strong barrier to water and oxygen, which can play a good role in protecting the contents. It is mainly used in some skin care products such as essential oil addition, moisturizing spray metal cans, and some makeup packaging boxes. 

Metal cosmetics packaging containers are suitable for use as aerosol and spray products.

metal cosmetic packaging


How Are Cosmetic Products Packaged?

For liquid, cream cosmetics and skin care products, the general packaging process includes filling, sealing, capping, loading into the product box, filming the outer box, etc.

For dilute and aqueous liquids, full-automatic linear or rotary liquid bottle filler are often used to fill in bottles. The advantage of this cosmetic packaging machine is that it can quantitatively and automatically fill materials, and the parts in contact with the products are made of stainless steel, which fully conforms to GMP standards in production. If your industry does not consider large-scale filling machines for the time being, semi-automatic liquid filling machines are also a good choice.

For thick materials, most of them need to be filled into flat cans or tubular containers, so full-automatic cream filling and capping machines, cosmetic tube filling machine will be used.

Sealing and capping are two steps that most cosmetic packaging will take. Generally, special aluminum foil sealing machine and capping machine are used to seal and cap bottled products. There are also some machines integrating filling, sealing and capping, which make the product packaging faster and more convenient.


Can Makeup Packaging Be Recycled?

According to the data, the plastic packaging produced by the beauty industry reaches 153 billion pieces every year. Even with the development of science and technology, some packaging containers can be recycled, but most packaging is still difficult to recycle, or even completely impossible to recycle.

The recycling of beauty packaging is usually very difficult. "A lot of packaging is made of mixed materials, so it's hard to recycle," wingstrand explained The pump head is one of the common examples, which is usually made of plastic and aluminum springs. "Some packages are too small to extract useful materials."

However, the recycling of cosmetics packaging is not completely hindered. Some enterprises with a strong sense of environmental protection have independently developed technologies to make recyclable cosmetic packaging containers. In addition, the call of the brand can also play a role in the recycling field. For example, it can launch an environmental protection campaign to guide consumers to return empty bottles to the brand for regeneration, which has also increased the marketing effect and environmental image of the brand.

The most important thing for the recycling of cosmetics packaging is to solve the problem from the source, reduce the packaging as much as possible, and reduce the demand for recycling and composting. Moreover, by allowing customers to purchase sustainable cosmetic packaging, the production of packaging can also be reduced.

Can Makeup Packaging Be Recycled

How to Finish Cosmetic Packaging?

Cosmetic materials can be divided into various types such as liquid, cream, and ointment. All of them should be filled appropriately into bottles, cans or tubes. We will show you two main packaging methods for cosmetics in this article.

Tube Packaging

Tubes are one of the most familiar packaging types for cosmetic products. Lotions, creams, oils, Gels, and other material more than these forms, are common to be packed into tubes. Obviously, tube packaging has the advantages of convenience and better controlling the using volume each time.

For packaging products into tubes, a tube filling machine and a tube sealing machine are used to complete the process. Of course, a machinery combine filling and sealing functions is more efficient. The existence of this type of packaging equipment can precisely fill the desired amount of product into each tube, ensuring consistency and quality. Besides, they are designed to handle a wide range of tube sizes and shapes, making it suitable for various cosmetic products, while save the labor cost.

Bottle Packaging

Similar to tube packaging, bottle packaging can also be used to fill such materials. Regarding the packing process, it requires filling and capping, optional for bottle labeling and wrapping by specific machinery.

Manufacturers are always adopting liquid filling machine, capping machine to do the packaging. For sure, there is technology which combines filling and capping functions together. SED-GX series automatic liquid filling and capping machine created by Sed Counter is a such type of machinery for finish liquid packaging with high efficiency and quality. It’s totally comply with GMP standards and owns CE certification.


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