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Comparison of 5 Types of Capping Machines

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Automatic Capping machine

Capping machines are mainly used to complete the container cap sealing in multiple industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, healthcare industries. They are efficiently applied for capping bottles and ensuring packing security and speed.

As for the types of capping machines, have you ever learned about it?

Basically, the most common capping machines mainly include spindle capping machine, chuck capping machine, snap capping machine, ROPP (Roll-On Pilfer Proof) capping machine, and crimp capping machine.

Spindle Capping Machine

The spindle capping machine is a type of capping machine that uses a rotating spindle to tighten caps onto containers, especially for screw caps. The machine works by placing a cap onto the container, and then the spindle rotates to apply torque to the cap and tighten it onto the container.

Chuck Capping Machine

The chuck capping machine uses a set of jaws or chucks to securely hold the cap in place while it is tightened onto the bottle or container.

The chuck capping machine typically consists of a conveyor system that moves the bottles or containers through the capping area, where the chuck mechanism is located. As each bottle moves into place, the chuck grabs the cap and holds it firmly in place, while a spinning head tightens the cap onto the bottle.

Snap Capping Machine

Snap capping machine is used to apply snap caps to containers. Snap caps are caps that have a snap-on or snap-fit design that allows them to snap securely onto the lip or rim of a container. Snap capping machines use a range of different methods to apply snap caps, such as pneumatic or electrically driven rollers or grippers.

ROPP (Roll-On Pilfer Proof) Capping Machine

ROPP capping machine is specially designed for sealing aluminum caps onto containers. The original cap feature with a unthreaded shell, using the capping machine to press caps around the bottle neck to form the threaded pattern. This type of caps are most commonly used on glass bottles in pharmaceutical and beverage industries.

Crimp Capping Machine

The last capping machine is related to secure crimp-on style cap sealing. Crimp capping machine use a series of jaws or rollers to crimp the cap onto the container, ensuring a secure and tamper-proof seal. They are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food and beverage industries, where products require a tight seal to maintain product freshness and safety. They are ideal for capping containers with small openings and can handle a wide range of cap sizes and shapes.

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