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Application of Tablet Counter Machine

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What is Tablet Counting Machine?

Tablet counting machine is a equipment for counting and filling capsules, tablets, pills and other granular products. Most of the particle count labels we see on bottles and cans are packaged through automatic particle counting machine.

The electronic particle counting machine is mainly controlled by a programmable electronic system, namely programmable logic controller (PLC). This digital operation controller with microprocessor for automatic control can load control instructions into the memory at any time for storage and execution, such as counting speed, counting capacity and so on.

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What's the Principle of Tablet Counting and Filling Machine ?

The automatic electronic capsule counter uses the principle of photoelectric effect. When the particles fall, the infrared dynamic scanning sensor will transmit the working signal to the microprocessor, and realize the counting function through the cooperation of the circuit and the program.

The working steps are as follows:

1. Manually pour the material into the top hopper of the machine.

2. Under the premise of properly adjusting the primary, intermediate and final vibrating feeders, the product in the hopper will slide down to the silo along the vibrating trough plate into a continuous strip.

3. When the photoelectric detector detects that the container is under the blanking port, the silo will let go, and the product will fall into the container accurately under the pre-set parameters of the number, and will be transported to the next working equipment

What Are the Applications of Tablet Counter in Various Industries?

What we are most familiar with is that the electronic tablet counter machine is in a position that cannot be ignored in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, but the application of the counting machine is not limited to this. In addition to the pharmaceutical industry, food packaging, cosmetic packaging and daily necessities packaging can all be processed with the counting machine.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Tablets, pills and capsules are the most common pharmaceutical dosage forms in the pharmaceutical industry, including the nutraceutical industry, which also produces similar products. The use of a capsule packing machine can greatly avoid errors caused by manual counting, and based on the machine's own anti-dust and automatic functions, counting and bottling is not necessarily difficult now.

Food Industry

Counting machines are also widely used in the food industry, such as all kinds of candy packaging, chocolate packaging, chewing gum packaging and so on. The parts of the food counting machine in contact with the product are made of food-grade stainless steel, which can ensure the hygienic standard of the bottling process.

Cosmetic Industry

Similar to pharmaceutical and food industry, there are many products in the cosmetics industry that are suitable for adopting electronic tablet counter, such as essential oil fish capsules, compressed facial masks, and so on.

Daily Chemical Industry

Just as the machine itself is compatible with various products, in addition to the applications in the above three industries, the counting machine can also be used in the daily necessities industry. Such as daily laundry beads, mini soaps, etc., we have suitable solutions for you to choose.

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What Advantages Do a Tablet Counting Machine Have?

In addition to the most obvious advantage of counting and bottling various products, the tablet packing machine also has many technical and operational advantages to promote the completion of the counting and packaging scheme. Let's find out together!

  • Product Protection: The use of multi-stage vibration channels allows the material to be accurately transported to the blanking port step by step in a row. The surface of the machine made of medical grade material is smooth and avoid to damage the surface of the product.

  • Intelligent Control: The automatic pharmacy tablet counter can be controlled by the PLC which input from the personal computer programming system. Based on the principle of photoelectric effect, when the medicine particles fall, the pulse signal generated by the photoelectric sensor is input to the high-speed PLC programming controller, and then the counting function is realized through the cooperation of the circuit and the program.

  • Self-Adjustment of Filling Speed: the feeding motor of the automatic counting machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation to realize the adjustment of filling speed.

  • Alarm System: once the automatic counting machine fails to detect that the container or the unloading tray has insufficient items to be loaded during operation, it will stop immediately and issue an audible and visual alarm. After the machine is stopped, the system can be manually reset to resume operation, which also ensures the coordination of the machine work.

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Where to Buy Tablet Counter?

As one of the earliest domestic tablet packaging equipment manufacturers to develop electronic counting machine technology, Sed Counter currently has mature technologies and solutions in the field of electronic counting machines. In addition to the continuous innovation of electronic particle counting machine, we have a professional one-to-one sales service team to solve your confusion about the pill counting machine. If you have any questions about the packaging of several tablets, please contact us by WhatsApp (+86-19157780382) or Email (support@sedpharma.com) !

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