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SED-32S Pill Counter Machine for Pharmacy

10-100 bottles/min

Device model:SED-32S

Introduction:SED-32S pill counter machine for pharmacy equipped with a 32-channel vibrating sending panel, which is the best equipment for counting solid objects in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and more industries.

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  • Introduction
  • Parameters
  • Description of SED-32S Pill Counter Machine for Pharmacy

    SED-32S automatic capsule counting machine adopts advanced control systems, which controls the whole process including counting, filling and monitoring. 

    The working SOP of pill counting includes three steps: 

    • Products enter the small warehouse through the vibration of the feeding corrugated plate

    • The counting photoelectric sensor senses and accurately measures the products

    • Finally puts the drugs into the container; finally put the drugs into the container

    This pharmacy pill counter machine is accapble to connect with other intelligent packaging equipment such as bottle capper, aluminum foil sealing machine, labeller. According to the needs of customers, we can provide a variety of customized production lines of equipment.

    Features of SED-32S Pill Counter Machine for Pharmacy

    • Good manufacturing practice (GMP) standard

    • Wide application of various objects counting

    • Anti-dust sensor technology

    • The counting signal communicates with the control system at high speed

    • Half vibration-filling hopper, to avoid pills from getting jammed

    • Bottles will be rejected automatically under abnormal operation

    • The feed-in and feed-out conveying system shall be integrated with the filler equipment. 

    • Automatic detection of empty bottle positioning and bottle missing

    • HMI operation with multi-group parameters storage

    • multi-level password management system

    • Easy to maintain, remove, clean, change parts

    details of pharmacy tablet counting machine

    Application of SED-32S Pill Counter Machine for Pharmacy

    SED-32S capsule bottling machine is able to count & fill different shapes or size of products accurately like soft gel capsules, hard gel capsules, tablets, sugar coating, and film coating tablets, pills, herb medicine or similar products into jars,bottles and containers. 

    application of pill counter for pharmacy

  • Model



    1. Filled capsule(000-5#)

    2. Soft Gels

    3. Chewing gum

    4. Tablet

    5. other solid object under machine range

    Hopper Volume (L)


    Capacity (bottles/min)


    Filling Quantity (pcs/bottle)

    2-9999 (adjustable)

    Bottle Size (mm)

    Diameter: 20-50

    Height: 40-180

    Counting Size

    1. pills diameter: ≤20

    2. 000-5# capsule size

    3. tablets diameter: 5.5-22

    (plain tablets, special-shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets)

    Compressed air

    0.6MPa  5L/min


    220V/50Hz  1.3kW

    Machine Weight (kg)


    Machine Size (L*W*H mm)


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