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SED-16S Automatic Capsule Counter Machine for Sale

10-70 bottles/min

Device model:SED-16S

Introduction:SED-16S automatic capsule counter machine is a 16-channel counting machine, that is to say, there are 16 vibrating "v"-shaped grooves on the vibrating plate of the worktable, which can work at the same time.

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  • Introduction
  • Parameters
  • Description of SED-16S Automatic Capsule Counter Machine for Sale

    SED-16S pharmaceutical tablet counter has two feed openings for pills loading. Meanwhile, the feeding speed of 16S is quicker than that of 8S capsule counter. 

    The pharmacy pill packaging machine is made of high quality stainless steel in strict accordance with GMP standard requirements. It adopts a touch screen so that setting parameters become convenient. The accessories of the capsule counting machine can be easily replaced and cleaned without requiring appliances.

    Features of SED-16S Automatic Capsule Counter Machine for Sale

    • Stainless steel machine body, meets GMP requirements

    • 16 channels vibrate evenly for material loading

    • Uniform and stable discharge, no damage to medicines

    • Equipped with photoelectric detector, automatic counting, small bottling error

    • Simple parameter setting on touch screen

    details of capsule counter machine

    Application of SED-16S Automatic Capsule Counter Machine for Sale

    SED-16S capsule counter machine for sale is widely used in counting and bottling of solid preparations, such as pills, sugar-coated tablets, plain tablets, soft and hard capsules and other shaped tablets. Round, square shaped plastic bottles can be the containers to pack products.

    The machine not only can be used independently, but also with the automatic bottle unscrambler machine, desiccant inserter machine, bottle capping machine, sealing and labeling machine and other supporting equipment to form an interactive production line.

    application of capsule counter

  • Model Name



    1. Hard capsules (000-5#)

    2. Soft Gels

    3. chewing gum

    4. tablet

    5. other solid object under machine range

    Hopper Volume (L)


    Capacity (bottles/min)


    Filling Quantity (pcs/bottle)

    1-9999 (adjustable)

    Bottle Size (mm)

    Diameter: 30-100

    Height: 40-180

    Counting Size

    1. pills diameter: ≤20

    2. 000-5 capsules soft capsules

    3. tablets diameter: 5.5-22

    (plain tablets, special-shaped tablets, sugar-coated tablets)

    Compressed Air

    0.6MPa  3.8L/min


    220V/50Hz   0.9kW

    Machine Weight (kg)


    Machine Size (L*W*H mm)


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